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덜위치 칼리지 서울

덜위치 칼리지 서울
주소: 서울특별시 서초구 신반포로 15길 6

Dulwich College Seoul was the fourth to join the Dulwich College International (DCI) family of schools, opening its doors in 2010. The College is made up of over 650 students from age 3 to age 18, with over forty different nationalities represented in our diverse student body. Our links to Dulwich College, founded in 1619, are strong, and we collaborate closely with the other schools in the network to encourage an international outlook and create an extended community where academic ability is fostered, creativity is valued, and diversity is celebrated. We are proud to share a common heritage with all the schools in the DCI network, and equally value the traditions, unique to our school, that we have created since we opened.

입학자격 요건

  • 최소 1개의 외국국적을 가지고 있는 학생
  • 최소 3년이상 해외거주 경험이 있는 학생

교육 과정

  • 탁아시설
  • 1학년& 2학년
  • 주니어 학교(3학년부터 6학년)
  • 시니어 학교(7학년부터 13학년)

입학비 및 학비

  • 지원비 400,000 KRW
  • 자본과세: 4000000 KRW
  • 배치 보증금: 3000000 KRW
  • Tuition fee
  • 탁아시설 KRW 31,770,000
  • 1학년부터 6학년: KRW 32,373,000
  • 7학년부터 9학년: KRW 32,844,000
  • 10학년부터 11학년: KRW 33,798,000
  • 12학년부터 13학년: KRW 34,931,000

입학 절차

  • 학교 직접 방문
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덜위치 칼리지 서울 덜위치 칼리지 서울